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Watch this video to learn how life changed for this participant in our PTSD & Homeopathy Study.  She was a first responder for nearly two decades.  

Sarah, MN

First Responder

Below is a video testimonial from a man who participated in our PTSD and Homeopathy Study after suffering from PTSD for nearly 7 years after witnessing a co-worker’s death on the job. 

Dayne, ND

I have C-PTSD due to childhood trauma and military service. When I got out of the army in 2008, I started to notice a lot of problems. I sought professional help and that was when I was given the initial diagnosis. I had okay results with therapy and tried prescription medications, but I started having more problems with the prescriptions. I was sleeping for long periods of time and was very forgetful, unfocused and had a serious lack of motivation. After a few years, I stopped the prescriptions and I saw some improvement, but the problems were still present. We started trying natural remedies and after using homeopathy in other areas with success, I decided to try it for my PTSD. 
After seeing Kathryn and doing the study, everything improved. I noticed an increase in clarity and significant increase in ambition. Tasks that I had put off for years were being completed and I was more focused. My night terrors went from being a weekly occurrence to only a couple times a month. Overall, it has been life changing and I’m very thankful for having homeopathy in my life.
MM, Northern Michigan

I signed up to be in Kathryn’s PTSD study at a time when I was experiencing yet another failed attempt at recovering from CPTSD.  I lived with symptoms since my early teens.  I am 60 now and I tried many things to heal, including energy psychology, which provided only temporary relief. Talk therapy always lead me to re-telling the trauma and finding more trauma and in turn, leading me to feel more like a victim with no way out and no hope to heal.

After working with Kathryn for several months, I began to notice changes. 

  • I am able to think more clearly now. 
  • I don’t feel anxiety or dread any longer. 
  • I am able to pursue other methods or healing which I was unable to do because of my inability to stay focused and follow through. 

I continue to see changes and as a matter of fact, I don’t consider myself someone with CPTSD anymore.  I have stuff that comes up and I get triggered, but now I can see it for what it is and figure out what I need to do to get through, overcome, or learn from the situation.

Kathryn, thank you for helping me to get my life back.  It was great to have you on my team!!

Christine, Ohio

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