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With Homeopathy PTSD and C/PTSD sufferers:

  • Won’t have to take yet another medication with side effects. With homeopathy, you get drug free recovery from PTSD.
  • Won’t have to relive the experience over and over again as with other “natural” methods of care for PTSD and C/PTSD! Whew!
  • Will recover physically as well as mentally and emotionally.
  • Will experience rapid relief.  Most people begin to feel better within a week!
  • Will recover from PTSD-type symptoms Drug Free.
  • Drug Free means no risk of positive random drug testing by your employer.

How Do We Help?

  • We use researched and proven homeopathic remedies to help on the mental, emotional and physical levels.
  • Where necessary, we use supplements along with remedies to help detox the body.
  • We utilize detailed intake appointments to best match the remedy to the symptoms you are currently experiencing.
  • We utilize 21+ years of experience caring for clients with homeopathy.


Lotus Homeopathy, Inc. was named the winner in the category of Best Holistic Wellness Practice in Woodbury for 2023. Thanks to all who supported us!

Certified Classical Homeopath by the Council for Homeopathic Certification

Kathryn Z. Berg has been certified for nearly 2 decades.  The certification process includes several exams, case submissions, and an interview.  Each year, 15 hours of certificates of continuing education must be submitted.  You can be assured that with education and certification, the homeopaths at Lotus Homeopathy are qualified.


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Drug Free Recovery from PTSD

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Click the testimonial below to see more testimonials.



Iraq war set

Thank you, Kathryn! As an Iraq War vet with long standing mental and physical issues, you are the reason I am able to live the rest of my life without drugs. Thank you for sharing homeopathy with us.

G.S. Mar 9, 2018

Meet the Homeopath

Kathryn Z Berg, MA, CCH is the Certified Classical Homeopath on Staff at Lotus Homeopathy.

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Drug Free Recovery from PTSD

Drug Free Recovery from PTSD


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