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For What Can Homeopathy Help Provide Relief?


It is important to remember that Homeopathy heals people, it doesn’t cure disease. The body does have the ability to heal itself; sometimes it just needs a little encouragement, which comes in the form of a homeopathic remedy.


Homeopathy works with the dis-ease in your body, not the disease. So, even if your particular diagnosis isn’t found on the list, it doesn’t mean you can’t be helped. Please check back frequently as more information is added on a regular basis.


Although the following list should not be considered exhaustive, homeopathy has been known to help people with the following conditions and symptoms:


  • Women’s Health Issues, including child bearing dis-ease and peri-menopausal symptoms
  • Auto Immune disorders
  • Digestive disorders, including diarrhea, constipation, nausea, irritable bowel, hemorrhoids
  • Dis-ease of the nervous system such as inflammation of the meninge, paralysis of the facial muscles.
  • Sleep issues of all sorts insomnia, exhaustion, narcolepsy, chronic fatigue
  • Eczema, acne, allergies, warts and other skin conditions
  • Chronic and acute respiratory conditions such as Asthma, coughs, colds, pneumonia, allergies
  • Mental Health Issues such as anxiety, compelling thoughts, chronic sadness, stress, PTSD.
  • Dis-ease which affects infants, toddlers, and pre-schoolers, such as behavioral issues, Night Terrors, failure to thrive, Autism.
  • All types of acute injuries, such as bee stings, burns, cuts, scrapes, breaks, Pre- and Post- surgery, old sports injuries
  • Kidney/Urinary dis-ease such as inflammation of the urinary tract, kidney stones, inflammation of the prostate
  • Seasonal dis-ease such as sunburn, poison ivy, heat stroke, insect bites and stings, frost bite. Includes LYMES and other Tic Borne Illnesses.
  • Issues with school-aged children such as difficulty concentrating, excessive activity, anger/violence issues, learning disabilities

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