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Answer These Questions To Find The Best Remedy!


Help Me!! I Feel Horrible!!

If you are already a client of classical homeopathy, you know that homeopathy can help treat individuals with acute illnesses. The following lists some of the questions you should ask yourself before you call your homeopath with acute symptoms. The more information you can provide your homeopath, the more likely he or she will be able to select a remedy which will help your acute condition. As with any acute condition, you may simply need a low potency dose of your constitutional remedy. If you have been treated constitutionally, you may find that you get sick less often. And when you do get sick, you will find that you get well faster. Call 651-748-1556 to schedule a constitutional consult. If your acute condition persists, you should see your physician.

Questions to Answer for Acute Illnesses and Injuries

• Is the pain better from moving the injured part?
• Is the pain worse from moving the injured part?
• Is the injured part worse from initial movement and then better from continued motion? Is there any point where there is too much motion and it starts to hurt again?
• When did it occur?
• What happened?
• Is it better from heat?
• Is it better from cold?
• Is there bleeding?
• Is it better from being wrapped?
• How is your mood?

Insect Bites
• Is the area swollen?
• How rapidly did it swell?
• What color is the swelling?
• Does it feel cold or warm?
• Does it feel better with cold or warm applications?
• Does it itch?
• How many bites?
• Is the face affected?
• How is your mood.
• (Please note that insect stings can be a life threatening emergency if someone goes into anaphylactic shock. If this happens, call 911.)

Sore Throats
• Is it better from drinking?
• If so, is hot or cold better?
• Is it better from eating?
• How does empty swallowing affect the throat?
• How would you describe the pain?
• What is your general body temperature?
• Are you hoarse?
• What else makes it better or worse?
• How is your mood?

• Are you having difficulty breathing?
• At what point in time is the breathing difficult? Before the cough, immediately afterward, all the time, etc.
• Are you coughing until you vomit?
• When is it worse? In the daytime, night, morning, lying down?
• Are you hoarse?
• Is it better from drinking, eating, etc.?
• Are you cold, warm or hot?
• Does it hurt to cough? Where?
• Do you want company or do you prefer to be alone?
• What else can you say about your mood?
• Is coughing easy?
• Are you coughing anything up? If so, what color is it? Is it easy to cough up?
• Does the cough have an unusual sound?
• Does the cough include a tickle? Where?
• How long have you had the cough?
• Does it hurt when you cough?
• How is your mood?

Stomach Flu
• Are you vomiting blood?
• Do you feel better after vomiting?
• Are you hungry after vomiting?
• Are you thirsty?
• How often are you vomiting?
• Are you drooling?
• Do you want company or do you prefer to be alone?
• Describe any other aches and pains you may be experiencing?
• How is your mood?
• How long have you been vomiting?
• Did you eat anything unusual?
• Is anyone else in the family sick?
• Is there a funny taste in your mouth?
• Are you warm or cold? Does your temperature alternate?
• How long has it been since you have been able to keep water down?
• Are you better from carbonated beverages?
• How is your mood?

• What color are the stools?
• How often do you have a bowel movement?
• Is there a time of the day that is worse?
• Is there rumbling in the tummy?
• What is the consistency of the stool? (thick, thin, choppy, mucusy, bloody, etc.)
• Is it painful?
• Is the pain better from pressure on the stomach?
• Is it really smelly?
• How is your mood?

Runny Nose
• What color is the discharge?
• Is it thick? Thin?
• Is it painful?
• Is there any blood in the discharge?
• Are you coughing?


  • Do you have a fever? Did it come on quickly or slowly?  What is the temperature?
  • Do you have body aches?
  • Are you restless?
  • Do you want company or do you prefer to be alone?
  • Are you feeling chilly or warm?  (Independent of whether you have a fever)
  • How is your mood?
  • Are you Thirsty?  Hungry?
  • Are you vomiting?
  • What other symptoms do you have?


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