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Homeopathy For Solar Overload


Get Your Digital Download To Save Your Summer!

Learn how to choose between 13 important remedies to help you recover from TOO MUCH SUN!

Sunscreen alone won’t protect you. Athletes playing soccer have little time to reapply sunscreen.  Kids in the back yard won’t remember to reapply or drink all the water they should.

Whether it is Sunburn or Heat stroke or Heat Exhaustion, get your answers here.

For only $27 USD, you can quickly download this document, print it and be ready for whatever Summer or your warm weather vacation hands you. Who knows…you might just save a life.

Bonus!  There is an excellent Watermelon Smoothie Recipe included.

Double Bonus!  Be sure to watch the video so you can learn more about choosing your remedies by listening to stories and extra guidance.

PS.  Be sure to watch this BEFORE you need the help so you can have remedies on hand.
PPS. After downloading the document, print pages 2-8 so you can take notes when you watch the video!

Questions?  Be sure to email us at the bottom of this page.


Get Your Download HERE!

For only $27 USD, you can get your Digital Download and Save Your Summer!

Due to the digital nature of this product, no refunds will be available.

Get Your Download Here!




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