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Homeopathy has a long history of helping with Pandemics.  From back in the day of Samuel Hahneman, MD, the founder of the principles of homeopathy through modern times.

A quick review of its success during the Spanish Flu pandemic, shows that homeopathy can help turn around illnesses in VERY sick people.  While the conventional doctors lost 30% of their patients, homeopaths reported only losing 1%.  Part of the problem with the Spanish Flu pandemic is because of how they were treated for influenza.  Not only were they NOT giving homeopathic remedies, they were giving Aspirin.  We know today that giving aspirin when someone has a viral infection, such as the flu or a cold, can cause Reye’s Syndrome.  That is a swelling of the liver and brain.

Another side effect of aspirin is bleeding, because it thins the blood.  During the time of the Spanish Flu pandemic, Aspirin was only about 20 years old and was seen as a panacea for all that ails a person.  So many doctors really overdosed their patients with aspirin.  They weren’t seeing improvements, so they gave MORE and MORE.  The result was that people would cough or sneeze and out of their lungs would come a pint of blood.  It appears that some deaths could have been prevented by simply NOT giving aspirin.

But there are more examples.  During the Typhus Fever Epidemic of 1813, Dr. Hahnemann treated 180 patients, with only two deaths. Under conventional treatment, mortality rate was 30%. During the Cholera Epidemic of 1830 – 1832, Conventional mortality rates were 40 – 80%, depending on location and source of information.  The mortality rates for homeopathic care was 7-10%.

There are many more statistics that can be added to these examples.  For more information, please click here and here.

To read more about the Spanish Flu, and stories of saving patients with homeopathy, please read this document:  Homeopathy Success Spanish Flu.

Even though the CoVid 19 is a virus which is considered Novel, so the human body hasn’t encountered it, thus making it a more arduous and lengthy process from which to heal, the symptoms it produces in people are NOT new.  This means that homeopathy can help.  We just need to identify the remedies that are most helpful. There are many potential remedies that can help.  Please click here to read more about what to do if you feel like you have developed symptoms of CoVid 19.


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