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How Much Does Homeopathy Cost?

One of the first things that I am asked is, How Much Does Homeopathy Cost?  I am also asked, Is Homeopathy Covered By Insurance?  (The answer to that one is, almost never.) The cost out of your pocket varies based on your choices and what you need.

Please Note:  All prices are subject to change.  Some of the costs I incur are beyond my control.  Thus, I may need to change prices before I get them posted here. 

Individual Appointments–Pay By The Appointment

Most new clients have the choice of going with a package plan (see below) or paying for the appointments and calls between appointments one at a time. The following is the cost to you for Individual Appointments.

  • Initial Appointment:  $300.00.  This includes the first remedy.
  • Follow Up Appointments:  $95.00.  This does not include remedies or supplements. This is up to a 45 minute appointment.


New Client Packages for the First Year of Care:

At Lotus Homeopathy, we know that consistency is important to improving your health.  So we offer clients the opportunity to save money the first year with a package plan.  The second year a package plan is available as well.

Packages are priced for unlimited contact for an entire year.  This means initial consult, follow up appointments, and acute care are all included. You will save a minimum of $145.00 with a package. Remedies and supplements are NOT included!  That cost will be extra.  It is too difficult to determine what each individual will need.

  • All Non-CEASE clients: $800.00 per person

Continuing Client Packages for Subsequent Years of Care:

 $600.00 per year, per person (optional—you can choose per appointment follow-up).

If you choose to do the Continuing Client Package after choosing to pay by the appointment at the first appointment, there will not be any type of a refund.  It is less costly to start with the client care package at the first appointment.  But it is always an option to add the Continuing Client Package.


  • Remedies are an additional charge, most often $16.00 for pellet remedies. LM remedies start at $20.00 plus postage. There may be exceptions if a remedy must be ordered from a costlier pharmacy, or made especially for you.
  • CEASE Therapy and other clearings may require multiple remedies.
  • If remedies must be mailed, postage will range from $6.00 to $22.00 or more, depending from where the remedy is shipped.
  • UPS is also an option, with higher rates than the USPS, but may be delivered more quickly and on a more dependable schedule.  Rates depend on where you live and currently range from $8.00 to $11.00 with much higher rates for next day service.

Interim consults:

  • $40-65 for acute care consults during regular business hours (10 am – 5 pm), depending on the level of research that must be done. $30 for non-clients or clients who haven’t been seen for 6 months or more. There will be an additional $5.00 for acute care calls outside of regular business hours. 
  • Complicated Acutes are acute calls for a condition that has been around for awhile or is more complicated than normal. Cost is $55.
  • $55 for interim chronic consults for check-in. If the appointment goes beyond the expected 15 or 20 minutes, or research must be done and we must come up with a new constitutional remedy between appointments, a regular $95.00 fee will be charged.
  • There is no fee for calling for asking questions, getting settled on an LM or when low C potencies (30C or lower) are used for constitutional care. Questions are encouraged and welcomed.
  • Pre/Post Surgery Care: $50. For setting up a protocol for your particular surgery and following up after.  Covers remedy changes, all calls related to the time immediately following surgery.



  • First Child                               $329.00 plus shipping plus any tax on the kit (in some states).
  • Any Additional Children          $429.00 Plus shipping total for the whole family
  • Over 4 children                         $110.00 (plus any sales tax in some states) additional for an extra remedy kit. Subject to change.


CEASE/HDT Therapy or Isotherapy:


Because of the amount of contact required when participating in CEASE/HDT Therapy or any other clearing type program where multiple clearing are required, the new package deal is costlier than packages for non-CEASE clients.

  • $1000.00 per year, for the first person.
  • $800.00 per year, for each additional person signed up concurrently with the first person.
  • $600.00 Continuing Care Package on the second and subsequent years.  As clients become more comfortable with the CEASE/HDT process, it requires less contact.

And that is the answer to How Much Does Homeopathy Cost!

Payment Processing Fees

Rather than raising my rates to cover the rapidly increasing credit card processing fees (PPF), (not to mention seemingly bi-weekly Postage increases) I am following other businesses, large and small, and adding the credit card processing fee onto the total to cover my processing fees, mostly.

Here’s how it looks using a follow up appointment as an example:

Follow up Fee Cash or Check$95.00
+PPF when taken in person$97.57
+PPF with card on file$98.48
+PPF with online invoice$98.06
+PPF with ACH$95.95
+PPF if Venmo charges a fee$96.91

These numbers are based on the current payment processing fees charged by Square.

Reducing or Avoiding the Fee

There are, however, ways reduce or avoid the Payment Processing Fee.

First is writing a check or paying with cash. No extra fees there. But, for invoices this is not a good option because mailing a check takes a bit of time and the remedies won’t go out until invoices are paid.

The other no-fee option, thus far, is Venmo. I do have a business account and as of 2022, I was not charged any fees when people paid via Venmo. This could change, and I would have to make an adjustment accordingly. The fee is 1.9% plus 10 cents. But currently it seems to be nothing.

You also have the option of using your bank account directly (ACH) to pay for the services, particularly invoices. You set up ACH payments with your bank account online in Square, it can be paid immediately with an invoice, even if you are present. The fees then are only 1%. By choosing this option, a follow up visit would be $95.95.

If you set this up, Square goes through a program called Plaid. It is very easy to set up and once you have set it up, it will be saved to your account and rather than charging your credit card that you might have saved, I can charge this automatically. If you set this up, I will assume you want to use it. To set up your bank account to pay and save money, you just choose the Bank (ACH) option on your invoice that gets sent automatically from Square.

And just a note of assurance, just like your credit card, I have NO access to your bank account.

This policy is effective immediately.

Screen capture of an invoice pointing out how to create an ACH payment.

Where to click to set up an ACH payment.

Exceptions to the PPF

Anything that gets sold on Lotus Homeopathy’s Square Online site will not have a PPF, because there is only one pay to pay for it (CC through Square) and that cost is built into the prices of the items sold on the Square Online site.



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