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HP For Influenza and S ∩ɹ IΛ ∀ N O ɹ O Ɔ and Shingles

The annual flu clinic offered at Lotus Homeopathy has a couple of different options this year. If you are not familiar with Homeoprophylaxis (HP), please click here to read more.

Again this year, we will be offering not only Influenza, but the option to instead choose Influenza and CoVid in one remedy. Also, because we don’t know whether CoVid will be year round or seasonal, this year’s order will include enough for 12 months.


First, some additional information.  As time passes and more and more information and knowledge is collected about CoVid 19, what we do with HP may change as well. We don’t know how long antibodies last.  There is also a concept called T-Cell immunity which is a longer lasting immunity.  Click here to read an article with a simple explanation.

But there is more. It is well reported that there is belief that some people are protected from CoVid because they have GENERAL IMMUNITY created by other Coronaviruses.  Antibodies are about specific immunity, meaning they are created for a specific disease.  General immunity is equally as important. HP is more likely to provide General Immunity than Specific immunity, especially with the 200c potencies.

Because of the uncertainty, Lotus Homeopathy is offering two versions of the flu clinic.  One that is just the historical influenza remedy that has always been used, and the other that includes CoVid and Influenza.

If you participated in the full CoVid HP program you may want to repeat the CoVid/Flu combo, just to reintroduce the energetic version of the virus to your body.

If you have had the vaccine, you can still participate in this program.  It will not interfere with the vaccine.

HP For Shingles

Terry Bradshaw has a new commercial hawking the Shingles vaccine.  Since he is saying it, the vaccine must be good, right?  According to the NIH, one in four adults over the age of 50 will get shingles in their lifetime.  There was no historical data on percentages from 30 years ago, but my experience tells me it was much lower than that.  Please read my blog to learn more about shingles and an explanation about why it is so prevalent at this time in history.

A shingles vaccine is available.  It isn’t terribly effective, especially in the 50 – 59 age group or 70-79 and up age groups.  There is a new Shingles Vaccine.  They must be doing a good job marketing it because there is a waiting list in most clinics to get this shot.

Currently we are offering a Shingles Clinic.  Here is what a past participant in a shingles clinic had to say:

I have had Shingles more than once.  Four out of five years I got them around Christmas time.  I was not looking forward to yet another outbreak, so in 2012, I contacted Kathryn at Lotus Homeopathy about Shingles prevention.  My son had not had chicken pox and I was hoping to get exposed to the virus.  I received two vials of the zoster remedy.  Over the course of four months, I took the indicated doses to get re-exposed to the virus.  In the last three years, I have not gotten Shingles.  I would also add that my husband, who did not take the HP remedies, did get Shingles in 2014. I love being Shingles Free!  –Deanna M, Prior Lake, MN

Important points about the Shingles Clinic:

  • Receive enough doses to provide you exposure to the energetic virus which should last several years.
  • Take a remedy once a month for four months.
  • $40.00 for an individual.
  • $70.00 for the whole family.  This will include enough doses to expose children and adults who haven’t had chicken pox as well, if you wish.
  • $6.00 extra for sending the remedies through the mail.
  • Cost includes follow up questions during the four month period beginning the first Sunday of the month following the purchase of the remedies.

Influenza Virus

Guarantee on Protection

In the past, participants in the Influenza Clinic are given a guarantee.  If you get influenza, and it is diagnosed by your doctor, you can get homeopathic care for no additional charge, except for remedies if needed. That guarantee is still offered this year for Influenza.  That guarantee does not include CoVid 19 or Shingles.  It is much more complicated to treat and takes more time and attention, as symptoms can change rapidly.  The cost for offering that would cause the price of the Influenza Clinic to increase significantly.

Please do not order for adults outside of your household.  They may have health issues and medications that contraindicate doing HP.

Also keep in mind that if you contract Influenza or Covid 19 this is not considered a treatment.  Or, call Lotus Homeopathy at 651-748-1556 for help if you feel you have contracted it.  If you develop cold like symptoms, please contact us as soon as possible.

Ordering for Family Members

Please do not order for family members who are not in your household. That means they do not live with you.  They may have health issues and medications that contraindicate doing HP. They can order for themselves, or you can help them order.  They need to do a click-sign waiver.  Any adults in your household should click to sign the waiver below.  You are not obligated to order once you have click signed the waiver.

When Will They Be Shipped?

The good news is that the orders that come in can now be accessed on the Square App. Before, I had to be on my laptop to see the orders.  When I open the app, any order that has arrived pops up on my screen immediately.  I am so relieved.

Remedies will be shipped on Tuesdays, generally speaking.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.



HP Waiver For Homeoprophylaxis for Influenza & Corona Virus and Shingles Clinic

I understand that Kathryn Z Berg, MA, CCH is not a medical doctor, but she practices Classical Homeopathy at Lotus Homeopathy, Inc. in accordance with The Minnesota Complementary and Alternative Health care Freedom of Access Law, MN Stat 146A. Under the protection of this act they are exempt from any medical licensing bill which may prevent them from assisting others to prevent disease.

As I am voluntarily choosing this method of disease prevention, I will not hold Kathryn Z Berg, MA, CCH, or Lotus Homeopathy, Inc., liable or financially responsible for any particular outcome regarding the heath of me or my child(ren). I understand the purpose of HP is to stimulate my or my child’s health and immune system so that it will become less susceptible to contracting infectious contagious disease. This immunological stimulation is intended to demonstrate healthy immune response such as mild fevers, discharges, mild mood and energy influxes as the child reconciles the disease agent. These reactions are short lived (12-48 hours) and demonstrate healthy immune function.

I understand that no method of prevention can be guaranteed to be 100% effective, vaccination or HP, and that I or my child(ren), if exposed to a particular infectious contagious disease, may in fact contract the disease. I also understand that with any form of prevention there are risks and reactions that may occur. I agree to discuss my concerns with the supervising homeopath and to seek appropriate medical treatment, homeopathic or otherwise, should the need arise.

I understand according to the FDA, which licenses and labels homeopathic remedies for consumer consumption that since 1897 with the inception of the Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of the United States (HPUS), there has never been a single recall or adverse event reported on any homeopathic remedy.

I also understand, according to the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP) of the US Department of Health and Human Services, that from 1988to 2020 there have been over 21,000 petitions for vaccine injury filed, 17,576 have been adjudicated and 7,098 have been compensated. Accordingly, since 1988, the US Department of Health and Human Resources and has paid out in excess of $4. Billion in attorney fees and petitioners awards for compensation under the NVICP as a result of court order from the US Court of Federal Claims.

In ordering the HP Remedies, I agree to NOT order remedies for anyone outside my immediate family. I agree to limit my purchase to TWO items. Hoarding NOT allowed. Lotus Homeopathy takes this seriously. 


Agree to Waiver

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