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Homeopathy Links

There are many sources on the internet for more information about Classical Homeopathy. At Lotus Homeopathy, Inc., we recommend the following web sites. (Click on the green titles below.)

Demystifying Homeopathy

A book on-line which explains homeopathy. It was written by a homeopath who is also an Internist. This book can also be purchased in hard copy. It is called Demystifying Homeopathy, by Jacob Mirman, MD.

The National Center for Homeopathy

NCH has been around for 40 Years and there is a wealth of information on their recently redesigned site.  Currently they are giving away memberships just for signing up for their twice monthly email newsletter.  They always have good information in the newsletter and it is a great way to learn more.  They also are the voice of homeopathy on the national scene, so supporting them is valuable to anyone who utilizes homeopathy.

Scientific and Historical Evidence for Homeopathy

A web site created by Homeopathic Educational Services and Dana Ullmann, MPH, a well-known homeopathic author and advocate. Many good books about homeopathy are available at this website as well.


There are many sites which contain information about vaccines.  Here are some of them.

Vaccine Articles

This site has dozens of articles on vaccines from a variety of viewpoints. If you are wondering about vaccines and how they may affect your child, look at this site. Click on the Homeopathy link and read a number of articles on the homeopathic view of vaccinations.

National Vaccine Information Center

The mission of NVIC is the prevention of vaccine injuries and deaths through public education and to defending the informed consent ethic in medicine.  There is more information about vaccines than you could read in a week on this website.  It is another good site to support financially as well.



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