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Thank you for exploring the important topics we’re addressing. In the realm of veterans’ well-being, the statistics are alarming. In 2020, the US Veteran’s Administration reported an average of 16.8 veterans per day lost to PTSD-related suicide.

Equally troubling is that veterans, only 6.4% of the civilian population, account for 13.9% of suicides. This trend extends to firefighters and law enforcement officers, at higher risk of suicide than duty-related deaths.

In 2019, I conducted a pro bono case study with around 15 individuals nationwide struggling with PTSD, investigating Classical Homeopathy as a recovery path. Promising evidence emerged for its efficacy. I use a nuanced questionnaire to assess progress, which we can discuss during our podcast.

Our mission continues. We engage on podcasts and TV to reach veterans, first responders, and civilians grappling with PTSD. Your voice can be pivotal in amplifying our cause. Let’s discuss these vital issues on your podcast or news feature. Your involvement could spark transformative change.

Questions to Ask and Areas to Explore on Podcasts and News Stories

Here is a list of sample topics and questions; other questions are welcome.

Explain homeopathy
  • How does it work?
  • How are remedies made?
  • What is the history of homeopathy?
Tell Me About the Case Study?
  • How many clients?
  • What was their source of PTSD?
  • How did you measure their progress?
  • What was the outcome?
Why PTSD? Why did you specialize in this?
Did you notice any breakdown in the types of people that developed PTSD?
  • Any sub categories?
Who were you not able to help?
What surprised you?

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Together, we can build a better future for Veterans,
First Responders and others hoping to recover from PTSD.

Your voice matters.

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