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Protect Yourself From Others’ sʎǝʞ0Ԁ


This phenomenon of the mRNA vaccines (and possibly the J&J) shedding is not fully understood yet.  Is it the Spike Protein?  Is it energy?  We don’t know. It seems unlikely that any formal research will be conducted on this. (I wrote this several months ago.  It is still true.)

After much research, I settled on two remedies to help protect against the possibility of being negatively affected by other’s decisions to jump on board the experimental vaccine train.

Phosphorus:  “Diffusion, Diffusion, Diffusion”

Phosphorus lets everything out and brings everything in.  It is also related to excessive bleeding.  It is an ideal remedy to protect from other’s vaccines. This remedy is also commonly used for treating CoVid as well.

Vernix: “Unprotected From The Outside World”

Vernix is what we call a Matridonal remedy in homeopathy. It is made from the cheese-like coating that is on babies when they are born. It was discovered as an excellent remedy for children on the spectrum who are unable to tolerate loud noises.

According to Dr. Tinus Smits, who first created this remedy, the essence of Vernix is a “sensation to be without skin, naked, vulnerable, experiencing the outer world as threatening. Energies enter too strongly. Outside events are felt too intensely, there is oversensitivity to everything.”

Please keep in mind that if you contract the Covid 19 ( the disease from the Novel Corona Virus) this is not considered a treatment.  Call Lotus Homeopathy at 651-748-1556 for help if you feel you have contracted it.  If you develop the current virus symptom picture, contact us as quickly as possible.​

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