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Homeopathy Tips For Summer


Insect Bites

Apis: For Bee Stings that itch, sting and burning hot or at least warm. Worse from heat, better from cold applications.
Rhus Tox: Eruptions which have vesicles. Very large, red hives. Very itchy, with burning and tingling, which makes the person restless and nervous. Better from scalding hot water. Worse from cold.
Ledum: This remedy is good for any bite or puncture wound, especially if the injured part is cold. Insect bites that feel cold and better from cold applications. Worse from having the bite covered or made warm. Chilly, worse from warmth, better from cold applications and rest. May have hot, hard swelling with tearing pains. Better from Cold applications and rest. Also, use in a high potency after Tick bites to ward off potential after effects. Call to get appropriate dosing for this situation.Arnica Montana

Sunburn and Burns

Calendula Ointment: For mild burns
Causticum: For mild burns such as touching something hot accidentally.
Cantharis: For more painful and serious burns. Take as needed. Repeat often.
Apis: Redness, heat and swelling at the site of pain with stinging pain. Worse from heat, irritability.
Arsenicum: Anxious, restless, physically cold, but burning pain. Adverse to cold.

Over Indulgence

Nux Vomica: Too much to eat or drink. Take before bed, if you wake up in the middle of the night and in the morning.

Injuries of all sorts

Arnica: For trauma, such as sprained ankles, bruises, etc. Usually the first remedy after an injury.
Bryonia: For pain that is worse from motion.
Rhus Tox: For pain that is worse from FIRST motion but better on continued motion.
Ruta: For injuries to connective tissue and the periosteum.

Poison Ivy

Rhus Tox: Prickling, tingling sensations. Very restless and nervous. Itching better from scalding hot water. Worse from scratching, cold air, getting wet.
Anacardium: Digs nails into the skin. Itching better from scalding Hot Water, worse from warmth, such as the warmth of the bed. Location: Neck, Torso, Inner thigh, arm pits, left side. This plant is related to Rhus Tox.
Apis: Itching, stinging, burning sensation. Itching better from Cold or icy applications. Worse from Warmth. Location: Face especially about the eyes, forearms and hands.
Graphites: For the secondary stage of poison Ivy when the lesions are weeping and oozing. Skin begins to thicken. Worse from being heated, especially in bed at night.


Purchase the remedies in 30C potency. If you purchase the Boiron remedies, 2 pellets is a dose, even if the bottle indicates otherwise. Take as needed. If the remedy doesn’t work, take a second dose an hour later. If it doesn’t work after the second dose, try a different remedy. You may need to use different remedies in succession. If you are better and then worse again, repeat the remedy.

How to Take Homeopathic Remedies

1. Pour the indicated number of pellets into the cap.
2. Pour the pellets under your tongue and dissolve.
3. Do not touch the pellets with your hands.
4. Do not eat or drink 10 minutes before or after taking the remedy.
5. Take as needed. If the symptoms return, retake the remedy. If the remedy does not work, take one more dose. If it still doesn’t work, call for a better matching remedy.



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