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I hope you enjoy reading this blog about classical homeopathy.  Many of the topics were suggested by clients or people who read my Facebook page.  Others are topics about which you didn’t even know you had questions.  Some articles are about homeopathy in general, while others offer suggestions about some acute pathologies that come around from time to time.  

I hope you find it enjoyable and helpful!  If you feel like you would like to pursue homeopathy as a healing modality that will work for you, please click the BookNow button and schedule your Complimentary Consult or Initial Consult today.

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Disease versus “Dis-ease”

In homeopathy, we don't talk about disease.  We talk about "dis-ease".  The body is not in a state of ease.  Disease is the end product of "dis-ease". So what exactly is "dis-ease" and what is health?  Dis-ease does not merely mean the absence of illness or disease....

The Color of Food

This is probably in Food Rules, a book I mentioned a couple days ago--it is hard to remember that many rules.  But I happened to be aware of this long before I read that book. Basically, the color of the food we eat determines the nutrients in the food.  So, the...

The Most Important Food

As I sat next to a stranger on the airplane on the way home from Florida, we discussed occupations.  When he found out I am a homeopath, he immediately started talking about food and supplements.  After clarifying what homeopathy is and that it isn't Naturopathy, he...

How is Your Health Affected By Your Diet?

Recently I saw that there is a publication entitled something like Diabetes Lifestyle magazine.  I am assuming this is directed at those who have developed this awful disease by eating the Western Diet, in other words, Type 2 diabetes. The western diet, and all that...

Blisters and Burns

I do not make it a habit of wearing new shoes on vacation.  This trip is no exception.  I brought along a pair of yoga sandals (instead of just a strap between the big toe and the second toe, there is a tab between each toe).  I have had these sandals for years.  So I...

Two More Remedies to Assure Continued Beach Fun

As I was walking along the beach this morning, I thought of two remedies that would be important to have along on your vacation, especially if you are going to play on the beach or go barefoot. Staphysagria is first.  It is normally thought of as a constitutional...

Remedies to Bring Along When You Travel

People ask all the time what remedies they should bring along on a trip.  Obviously, it depends on the time of year, where you are traveling, what you are doing, etc. The first thing I recommend is that you buy a remedy kit for traveling.  This may or may not be the...


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