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I hope you enjoy reading this blog about classical homeopathy.  Many of the topics were suggested by clients or people who read my Facebook page.  Others are topics about which you didn’t even know you had questions.  Some articles are about homeopathy in general, while others offer suggestions about some acute pathologies that come around from time to time.  

I hope you find it enjoyable and helpful!  If you feel like you would like to pursue homeopathy as a healing modality that will work for you, please click the BookNow button and schedule your Complimentary Consult or Initial Consult today.

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Remedy of the Week #4

Have you ever eaten too much? Have you ever had too much to drink? How do you feel when this happens?  Weak, nauseous, tired, full, headache, stomach ache? This week's remedy of the week can help out in those situations and help you ring in the New Year feeling a bit...

Remedy of the Week #3

In keeping with the spirit of trying to present really useful remedies for the holiday season, knowing this next one, and having it on hand could help prevent an illness in the family from taking over the holiday. You all know this symptom.  You are sure you are...

Remedy of the Week #2

With the holidays coming, you or your family may be needing some help from this remedy. Ailments from too much joy is the description of this remedy.  If you have ever had such a good time that you couldn't sleep, you may find that you can settle down with this...

Remedy Of The Week

Beginning this week, I will be posting a Remedy of The Week on this Blog.  Many of you want to learn more about remedies and it is a fun way for me to look at them a different way. I will describe the remedy and then you try to figure out which remedy it is.  To find...

Its Not Nice To Fool Mother Nature

In listening to all the latest on GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) foods, I was reminded of a television commercial that I found pretty humorous when I was young.  It was an advertisement about Mother Nature who was fooled into believing that the food like...


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