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Homeopathic Remedies for Fear & Anxiety During CoVid 19

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How are you holding up being “Sheltered In Place” or “Self-Quarantined”?

  • Does it make you feel safer?  If so, are you anxious for yourself or are you anxious for your family?
  • Are you feeling bored? I mean really, how many long walks can someone take?
  • Does it make you wonder and worry about what else people might do willingly if they are scared?
  • Do you get angry being stuck at home?
  • Seeing other people not obey the rules makes you upset?
  • Are you worried about the long term effects on the economy overall and the financial stability of your family?

There are a variety of feelings that people express about this self-quarantine associated with CoVid 19.  And those feeling, whether they are anxious, bored or angry, can all be helped with a homeopathic remedy.

First, if you are a client of Lotus Homeopathy, it would be a good time to schedule a Brief Follow Up.  You may be able to be helped with a higher dose of your constitutional remedy.  It is also important to point out that this may be the perfect time to schedule a Follow up, especially if it has been more than a year since we have talked.  The times that you are at your worst are the best time for me to figure out what your constitutional remedy is. So if you aren’t a client of Lotus Homeopathy, now would be a good time to get started as well.

Next, I’d like to share a few acute remedies for you to try if the CoVid 19 situation is causing you a lot of stress.  Whether it is fear for your family, fear for yourself, Boredom, money concerns, or anger that arises, there are potential remedies for you.

If none of these seem to match, know that there are many other options.  I am trying to limit this to those remedies that are readily available in kits or in the store.  Please schedule a Complicated Acute and I will find one for you if you can’t settle on one from this list.

Fear For Self or Others Safety

Aconite:  This is the first remedy I think of if someone is feeling like they could die any minute.  Even if it isn’t realistic—and especially if it isn’t realistic.  Aconite has a symptoms of “Death, Presentiment of, Predicts Time”. This means that you feel you will die NOW! This is a very common remedy for people who have had near death experiences in a car accident, for example, and can’t move on from it. You might know this is you if you are afraid to go to the grocery store, afraid even to go to the doctor.  You might be chilly if you need this remedy.  Also, the fears seem to come on rapidly.

If you get palpitations when you are anxious, and you think that the palpitations will kill you, you should also take a look at Aconite.  Aconite and Arsenicum both have the symptom of “Fear, Panic attacks, overpowering, before death.”  So if that describes you, check out those remedies.

Argentum Nitricum:  This remedy is also in the symptom of “Death, Presentiment of, Predicts Time.”  The difference between Aconite and Argentum Nitricum with this symptom is that those who need Aconite are more certain that they will be dying soon.  Aconite has the symptom “Death, Conviction of”. Argentum Nitricum does not. Aconite is more hysterical about it.  Or feels the need to control the hysteria.  If you don’t think you are hysterical, ask your family before deciding for sure.  Your teenaged kids might say, “Yeah Mom.  You need to Chill Out!”  If so, Aconite.  If not, consider Argentum Nitricum.  Argentum Nitricum is more known for being impulsive, so check out how you are acting.  Do you really need that extra 36 pack of TP?  That might be an impulse buy that points to Argentum Nitricum.

Another timely and important symptom of Argentum Nitricum is a fear of dying alone.  This is a very common symptom right now, as hospitals aren’t allowing people to be with their loved ones in the hospital. You could be the one dying or the loved one may be the one dying.

Argentum Nitricum tends to be on the warm side, rather than the chilly side, as the other two Fear of Death remedies are.  So if that is the difference between symptoms for you, start there.

Arsenicum:  Arsenicum is always afraid of death too, but it isn’t nearly so acute and intense as Aconite and Argentum Nitricum.  It is always just under the surface or barely at the surface.  Arsenicum is worse at night time, which is 9 p.m. to 5 a.m.  This is because Arsenicum has a lot of anxiety and night time is a scary time.  Arsenicum is, Aconite, chilly.  But they tend to be always chilly.  Arsenicum especially has cold hands and can have cold feet.  “Poor Circulation” is the explanation they will give.  Arsenicum is a likely cure.  Like Argentum Nitricum, people who need Arsenicum also have the fear of being alone when they die.

Another tip off for Arsenicum is that you may start to get possessive about your “stuff”.  The anxiety of Arsenicum is calmed by having things nearby.  Sometimes they will even steal things from other people just to have some THING.

Gelsemium:  Gelsemium is a premiere remedy for cowardice.  It was given to the soldiers during the Civil War to give them go out on the battle field again.  It has the symptom “Fear, Something Bad, Evil will happen” as well as Pulsatilla.  It is also a remedy for anticipatory anxiety, along with Argentum Nitricum.  This might be displayed as being very anxious about going to the grocery store, for example.  They have a lack of confidence in themselves and if they can manage ordeals that might come up.  The lack of confidence in their ability to deal with any situation is the main issue for Gelsemium.

Pulsatilla:  The people who need this remedy can be anxious for themselves and having “something happen” to them, but really, they are anxious for their family, especially their children.  Consider this one if you are afraid of your young children getting CoVid 19 because this just isn’t happening to young children.  So if this is your biggest worry, it is not a realistic worry and time for a dose of Pulsatilla.  Pulsatilla tends to be warm and weepy, so be sure to include that in your selection of remedies.  If your kids are afraid and weepy, give them a dose.

Pulsatilla also has the symptom of “Fear, Happen, Something bad or evil will”.  Okay folks.  This is the remedy for you to take if you have started spinning off into conspiracy theories over CoVid 19.  It’s okay to think that.  It just isn’t okay to let it take over your mental state.  There are 157 remedies that cover that symptom, including all the remedies above, so if none of them seem to fit, schedule a Complicated Acute appointment.

Remedies For Boredom

Every mom knows that the true remedy for boredom is to do something.  But, sometimes, that just isn’t enough.  It really depends on what the response is to the boredom.  But don’t forget, letting them watch a little TV is okay too.  They will get bored of that soon enough.

Nux Vomica:  This is the first remedy I think of for Boredom.  Nux Vomica lives for stimulation.  Usually it ends up being alcohol, drugs, spicy foods, sweets, sex, etc.  And they can be really irritable, generally chilly, super sensitive both physically and emotionally, and maybe even constipated.  So if you find you or your honey are drinking or eating too much, consider Nux Vomica.  Now this doesn’t mean just snacking.  There needs to be some irritability associated with it, that may get better from being stimulated.  Nux Vomica also has the symptom of time seeming too long.

Calcarea Carbonicum:  Calc carb kids are really good at entertaining themselves, but it doesn’t mean that they are immune from boredom.  If you have a child who is normally easily entertained, is a little on the chubby, sweaty side, consider Calc Carb.

Lycopodium:  If your kids are starting to entertain themselves by burping or farting, consider Lycopodium.  Also consider it for the child who likes to push buttons, and is picking on a younger child to exercise their power over that child. It could also be for the one who is getting picked on.

Phosphorus:  Phosphorus likes being around other people.  And they also need a break from other people.  Phosphorus is all about diffusion, so everything comes in and everything goes out.  They are people who might love the self quarantine at first, as long as others are around.  But they can get overwhelmed and just need a break.  Phosphorus has a lot of fears, and are very sympathetic towards others.  They may be worried about those who are sick with CoVid 19 or those suffering in otherways.

Pulsatilla:  While mentioned above for fear, it can also be a remedy for boredom.  The symptom that they might need this remedy is for the kids to get whiney, clingy and maybe even cry about something that seems unreasonable.

Financial Worries

Financial worries are not unrealistic in this day and age of CoVid 19.  Unlike some of the other remedies, which are often chosen based on unrealistic fears, financial worries can be real or unreal.  A remedy can still help.

Arsenicum:  As mentioned above, Arsencium feels better with “stuff”.  So financial worries are a big thing for them.  Please read the description above for more details.

Bryonia:  You may know Bryonia as a remedy for injuries or illnesses that are worse from motion.  But on the mental state, it is a primary remedy for money, home, and loss.  Bryonia feels a sense of loss and spends a lot of effort feverishly trying to make up for it.  Business is a good way to make up for a loss, so if the person isn’t able to work, the person who needs Bryonia might be trying to figure out a way to make extra money to make up for it. They might even be starting an online business. These folks prefer to be at home, like to be alone and are pretty irritable.  Generally they are Chilly.

Calcium Fluoratum:  This remedy can look a lot like Bryonia, but the difference is that rather than trying to make up for a sense of loss, Calc Fluor is trying to prevent a loss.  So Calc Fluor doesn’t take risks.  Bryonia will take a risk to try to make up for the loss.  So during this time, Calc Fluor isn’t going to be spending money needlessly.  They will not be Hoarders.  They can be warm (Fluoratum) or chilly (Calc).  You will also find Calc Fluor being much more concerned about appearances. They might dress up even though they are at home. Also, what would the neighbors think if they lost their house or their job.  That is a concern that Bryonia would be less inclined to bother with.

Nux Vomica:  Money is a stimulant for some people who need Nux Vomica.  For others, money is a way to purchase stimulants.  Please read more above on Nux Vomica.

Upset at Others Not Following The Rules
A Desire to Break The Rules

Many people are very concerned that others aren’t following the rules.  This might be a realistic concern, but it also might be an issue that comes up easily for a person.

The Kali Remedies (Potassium) are well known for being rule followers and enforcers. All Kali remedies could have a tickle in the throat that is worse for lying down. Lets take a look at some of them:

Kali Carbonicum:  Kali Carb is the flagship Kali remedy and where I would probably start.  They like rules.  You should follow rules, even if they don’t make sense to you.  Kali Carb people like to have company and are afraid when they are alone.  They like the support of a family or group.  By following the rules others are following, it makes them feel supported. They are probably loving this self quarantine time, because they love being with their family and most people are following rules. Nirvana for a Kali Carb person. Kali remedies are often chilly.

Kali Bichromicum:  Those of you know some acute homeopathy recognize this remedy as one for sticky mucous.  But in the mental state, they are especially rule followers.  They would stop for a stoplight in the desert at 3 a.m.  Like the physical state of being sticky, they are sticklers for rules.  More of an enforcer than Kali Carb and definitely a tattler.  I had one client who used to tattle on himself who did well with this remedy.

Kali Sulphuricum:  This Kali is warm, because it has Sulphur in it.  It is less likely to be a rule follower.  More likely to bend the rules.  Their biggest concern is being esteemed in others eyes, especially the group that he is looking for help and support from.  So, this would be the kid who says to his parents, “Do you see?  I am following the rules, but my brother is not.”  Not just tattling, but making themselves look good to others in the group. If he isn’t seeking support from a particular group of people, he doesn’t care what they think. Kali Sulphuricum can look a lot like Pulsatilla, so if one doesn’t work, try the other.

Causticum:  This is also a Kali remedy in that it has Potassium as one of the elements of it.  They feel very protective of the whole group.  He wants the whole group to band together to protect themselves.  This could be the parent of the group, which is the logical situation.  But it could be a person who feels they need to protect others from being treated unfairly by say, a manager, or the government.  They can be tree huggers, the ones who chain themselves to a tree, or walk in front of the Tank in Tiananmen Square. So if someone thinks this is all really stupid and is going to harm people, the Causticum person could be a rebel.  Could be the person who hoards toilet paper to take care of the group, or calls out others for hoarding toilet paper.  This person can be warm or chilly.

Dosing the Remedies.

Most, if not all, of these remedies are readily available in stores or online.  I also have each of these remedies available to be mailed or picked up.

I recommend that you purchase and use 30c potency for all of these remedies.  A 30c remedy has a much wider range of action than a 200c.  You have to make a more precise selection for a 200c to be effective. 200c is deeper acting.  But for acute situations such as this, a 30c is generally adequate.

Take one dose as needed.  If you find it only lasts for a couple hours, repeat, and then if it still doesn’t last, choose a different remedy.  A 30c of the correct remedy should last at least a day and maybe longer.

I am available to help if you need it.  If you feel like this is unusual for you, schedule a Complicated Acute appointment.  If you feel like this is just a stronger expression of a typical anxiety or fear, please schedule an initial consult.  As I said above, it is easier to find a remedy when someone is feeling especially off.

If you have not taken remedies before, please read this so you know how to take them.



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At the time, the only place to get homeopathic remedies was a book and herb store in South Minneapolis. So I went there to get some. When I got there, I decided I should read some books so I actually knew what I was doing. I left with the Arnica 30c and three books. By the time I got done reading them, I knew I wanted to be a homeopath.

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