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Homeopathy and Autism

by | May 14, 2012 | Autism, Homeopathy and Families

ImageIn the eleven years that I have been practicing homeopathy, I have had some success working with Autistic kids and others on the Autism Spectrum.  But it has never been quite as outstanding as I have seen working with other complaints.

Recently I completed CEASE Therapy training.  CEASE stands for Complete Elimination of Autism Spectrum Expression.  It is a three-pronged protocol developed by Tinus Smits, MD, a Dutch homeopathic physician.

It is based on classical homeopathy, which is one prong of the protocol.  The other is very few Orthomolecular Supplements, chosen to match the symptoms the client is experiencing.  The third prong is Isotherapy using potentized substances.

According to Smits, there are three layers that any person can have that can cause illness.  Many autistic and Asberger’s children have an “accidental layer”.  That is, a layer that has been caused by some toxin that they have been exposed to.

Smits also refers to “universal layers” which is much like classical homeopathy, where a remedy is chosen to match a particular person.  He envisions that there are potentially nine universal layers which many people have.  It is important to note that not everyone has a universal layer.  They are named such because he frequently sees these layers in children on the Autism Spectrum and others as well.  I have given these universal layer remedies, which he calls Inspiring Homeopathy, mostly to people NOT on the Autism Spectrum.

Finally there is an “individual layer”.  This is the homeopathy that most people think of when they think of Constitutional, Classical Homeopathy.  CEASE therapy generally ends with a Constitutional remedy and there may be an inter-current individual remedy as well.

Dr. Smits saw and healed several hundred children as he developed this protocol.  His book, Autism:  Beyond Despair tells of his many success stories.

CEASE is not an easy therapy.  Usually there is some back sliding before they move forward.  But it is worth it in the end.  My CEASE clients are required to read Dr. Smits’ book before they can become clients.  Fortunately, it is a quick read.

The CEASE protocol can also be used for other complaints as well.  For example, chronic Lyme’s Disease can be helped with the CEASE isotherapy protocol, as can damage caused by amalgam fillings, prescription drugs (I’ve never been well since I took X drug) and much more.

I will continue to post information on CEASE and Homeopathy and Autism as I have more success stories to share.  Meanwhile, if you need help, you know who to call.

Kathryn Berg




Meet Kathryn Berg the Classical Homeopath at Lotus Homeopathy, Inc.


Some of you know me, others of you may have heard of me. And for most, you probably have no clue about me or my business. So I wanted to take a few minutes to introduce myself, my family, my business, why I am a homeopath and how I became a homeopath—not necessarily in that order.

Like many people, I found out about homeopathy accidentally. I fell down while walking my Akita pup on an icy sidewalk on a typical Minnesota winter day. I was scheduled to go to a friend’s house later that day, so when I did, I asked her for some ice. You need some Arnica, she told me. Arnica? What’s that? She explained that Arnica is a homeopathic remedy for trauma.

At the time, the only place to get homeopathic remedies was a book and herb store in South Minneapolis. So I went there to get some. When I got there, I decided I should read some books so I actually knew what I was doing. I left with the Arnica 30c and three books. By the time I got done reading them, I knew I wanted to be a homeopath.

It was only several years later that I realized that I was attracted to homeopathy as a profession because I am a problem solver. It is what drives me. There is nothing like a well chosen homeopathic remedy to solve problems.

At the time I decided to become a homeopath, there wasn’t even a school here in in Minnesota. But eventually, my homeopath and his business partner started the Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy. I was a graduate of the third class. At the time I went there, it was a part time program taking three and a half years! Since then I have studied with numerous other well known and respected homeopaths in continuing education studies.

While I do work with all sorts of folks with a variety of conditions, I really have studied how to treat people suffering from PTSD, health issues related to aging women, and children’s health issues of all sorts, including autism. I have also been successful in removing blockages to healing due to suppression of symptoms by western medicine. I chose those specialties because people really suffer who have those forms of dis-ease, and Western Medicine doesn’t seem to have much of a solution for them.

After over twenty years of practice, I still get excited for clients when a remedy has helped them heal.

So that is about my business. Now, a little bit about me.

I have two adult sons in their early twenties, so I have shed the title of “Soccer mom”. My husband and I are empty nesters living in Woodbury, MN. For fun, I like to play piano, sing, sew, garden, hike, and travel. I am in a community choir. I also enjoy cooking healthy meals and, out of necessity, am an expert at cooking for special diets.

If you have any questions about homeopathy or my approach to homeopathic case taking, please feel free to put some questions in the comments below.

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