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Menopause, Night Sweats, & Irritability: Homeopathy Can Help! Whew!

by | Nov 22, 2019 | Calc Carb, Irritability with Menopause, Menopause, Night Sweats, Nux Vomica, Pulsatilla, Sepia

I remember being 37 years old and having night sweats and sleep disturbance.  At 37 years old!!!!

I mentioned it to my OB/Gyn and she said, “Well, you aren’t too young to be experiencing Peri-Menopause.”

I was not about to put up with that, especially since I still wanted another baby. So I went to my homeopath and he recommended a remedy for me.  I don’t even remember what he recommended, but that problem went away in a matter of days.

Homeopathy has helped many of my women’s health issues over the years.  You can read about it here.  But there are other things that also need to be in line.  In homeopathy, we call things like a bad diet an “obstacle to cure.”  You can get better with the homeopathy, but there are other things you really need to do as well.

What Can I do Today?

The first thing I always recommend women do to help with night sweats is to eliminate alcohol.  I know, I know.  A glass of wine in the evening can relax you.  But there are other things you can do to relax yourself.  Alcohol raises your blood sugar, which can cause a myriad of other problems.  I wrote about this here, so give that a read for more information.  But the bottom line is:  Stop the alcohol. 

The next thing you can do is to make sure you are getting enough magnesium.  Magnesium is an essential nutrient, and most of us don’t get enough of it through our diets.  Magnesium is found in dark chocolate (score!!!). There are 64 mg in a 1 ounce serving.  So If that is your preference, go for it!  Just watch out for the carbs.  Avocados, nuts, legumes, all high in magnesium.  One of the symptoms of low magnesium is anxiety.  Also, when you are low in magnesium, it can be difficult to fall asleep.  I had heard about magnesium many years before I tried it.  My first response to it was, “Ahhhhh.”  So relaxing.  I wished I had tried it sooner.

A lot of people do benefit from magnesium supplementation.  In particular, I recommend Magnesium Glycinate because it causes the least distress on the digestive system.  If you want to know how much to take, CLICK HERE and download the document to read more about dosing.

Another option is Magnesium cream or gel.  You can rub it on your feet at night.  It will make you itch for a few days until the Magnesium builds up in your body.  When I tried the Magnesium gel, I would wait about five minutes after rubbing it in and then put some lotion on my skin to ease the itching.  One of the bonuses of using the cream or gel on your feet nightly is it also more directly impacts the foot cramps that can sometimes arise when you experience hormonal issues.

What About Homeopathic Remedies?

When you are getting enough sleep because your night sweats have disappeared, your irritability may also go down.  It is difficult to have a high life condition when you don’t get enough sleep.  But what if your night sweats and irritability don’t disappear from the above suggestions?  Homeopathy has some answers.  The following remedies are easily purchased in a health food store that sells homeopathic remedies.  See which one matches you best.

Sepia 30c:  Sepia.  What an awesome remedy.  Sepia is a homeopathic remedy made from the inky juice of the cuttlefish.  When the Cuttlefish mates, it squirts ink at the male and swims away.  This is represented by the low sex drive found in Sepia.  Believe me, there are MANY homeopathic remedies for low sex drive, so don’t choose it just based on this.  Some other symptoms:  Irritability, especially directed at husband and kids; feels better from vigorous exercise; likes to dance; hot flashes; nausea.  Irritability is a keynote of Sepia, so if that isn’t your symptom, move on.

Calcarea Carbonicum 30c:  Calc carb, as it is called for short, is generally speaking a sweaty remedy anyway, and it can get even worse with menopause.  You feel warm and sweaty, but feel cold to the touch.  Your head and neck are the worst, most sweaty parts of the body, and feel clammy to touch. People who need Calc Carb also tend to be a little heavier, although not all the time.

Nux Vomica 30c: If the competitive atmosphere of the work place brings out aggressiveness, your night sweats and irritability might benefit from Nux Vomica 30c. Chilliness, sensitivity, desire for stimulation (alcohol, sex, overeating, etc.), and generally a great deal of irritability indicate that Nux Vomica might help you.

Pulsatilla 30c: If you find yourself being weepy along with your night sweats, consider taking a dose of Pulsatilla 30c. Having an irregular heartbeat, generally being warm-blooded, and always feeling better when going outside are symptoms that point to Pulsatilla 30c.

There are many other options that can help, but these are some of the more common remedies for night sweats.


If you buy the remedy in the blue or green tubes from the store, two pellets is considered a dose, even if the bottle says 3-5 pellets.  Take one dose and watch and see what happens. If it helps you, don’t repeat the remedy until you notice your symptoms returning.  If you aren’t noticing anything within a couple days, try again.  If after a couple doses you aren’t seeing any help, move onto a different remedy.

If you haven’t ever taken homeopathic remedies, be sure to read this, so you do it properly.

What If It Doesn’t Help?  Or It Stops Working?

If the remedy you selected doesn’t help, try another one. If the remedy you selected stops working, it could mean that you need a higher potency, or that the remedy was close, but not a perfect match. If there isn’t a good match in the remedies listed above, contact us to schedule an appointment to have an intake and have a remedy selected for you.


Meet Kathryn Berg the Classical Homeopath at Lotus Homeopathy, Inc.


Some of you know me, others of you may have heard of me. And for most, you probably have no clue about me or my business. So I wanted to take a few minutes to introduce myself, my family, my business, why I am a homeopath and how I became a homeopath—not necessarily in that order.

Like many people, I found out about homeopathy accidentally. I fell down while walking my Akita pup on an icy sidewalk on a typical Minnesota winter day. I was scheduled to go to a friend’s house later that day, so when I did, I asked her for some ice. You need some Arnica, she told me. Arnica? What’s that? She explained that Arnica is a homeopathic remedy for trauma.

At the time, the only place to get homeopathic remedies was a book and herb store in South Minneapolis. So I went there to get some. When I got there, I decided I should read some books so I actually knew what I was doing. I left with the Arnica 30c and three books. By the time I got done reading them, I knew I wanted to be a homeopath.

It was only several years later that I realized that I was attracted to homeopathy as a profession because I am a problem solver. It is what drives me. There is nothing like a well chosen homeopathic remedy to solve problems.

At the time I decided to become a homeopath, there wasn’t even a school here in in Minnesota. But eventually, my homeopath and his business partner started the Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy. I was a graduate of the third class. At the time I went there, it was a part time program taking three and a half years! Since then I have studied with numerous other well known and respected homeopaths in continuing education studies.

While I do work with all sorts of folks with a variety of conditions, I really have studied how to treat people suffering from PTSD, health issues related to aging women, and children’s health issues of all sorts, including autism. I have also been successful in removing blockages to healing due to suppression of symptoms by western medicine. I chose those specialties because people really suffer who have those forms of dis-ease, and Western Medicine doesn’t seem to have much of a solution for them.

After over twenty years of practice, I still get excited for clients when a remedy has helped them heal.

So that is about my business. Now, a little bit about me.

I have two adult sons in their early twenties, so I have shed the title of “Soccer mom”. My husband and I are empty nesters living in Woodbury, MN. For fun, I like to play piano, sing, sew, garden, hike, and travel. I am in a community choir. I also enjoy cooking healthy meals and, out of necessity, am an expert at cooking for special diets.

If you have any questions about homeopathy or my approach to homeopathic case taking, please feel free to put some questions in the comments below.

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