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Prince Harry and PTSD: What Remedy Does He Need?

by | Mar 8, 2023 | Prince Harry

Prince Harry is all over the news lately, especially with the release of his explosive memoir, Spare. In his book he reveals that his therapist diagnosed him with PTSD related to the death of his mother.  What remedy does Prince Harry need to heal his PTSD and the emotional trauma from his current situation?

Harry says in the book that he tried homeopathy, but he doesn’t mention the remedy or if he even worked with a homeopath, or just tried a few remedies people suggested.

Having read the book, I have come up with a remedy recommendation for Prince Harry. It is not a common remedy.

Does Harry Even Need A Remedy Now?

Therapy seems to have helped Harry a great deal.  So the question is, does he need a remedy now?

The answer is Yes.  Here’s why.

First, he is still being traumatized by the Paparazzi on a pretty regular basis, although it has gotten better since he moved to the US.

Second, his family has basically disowned him.  Very recently I saw that they have decided to take back the place that he and his wife called home when they returned to the UK.

Third, his PTSD was from his mother dying and not getting the support he needed from his family after that. He still doesn’t get the support he needs.

Fourth, he also was diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, which he probably still has.

Repertorizing Prince Harry’s PTSD Symptoms

We are fortunate that we have a memoir written by Prince Harry from which to glean symptoms.  I don’t feel like I need to take his case.  He presented it in this book very clearly.  What a great patient of homeopathy. It might be helpful to have some physical symptoms, but he primarily has mental/emotional symptoms, and he describes them very well, so it is okay.

Harry’s symptoms can be broken down into three categories:

ADD/ADHD—Concentration, studying difficulties.

  • Mind, Concentration Difficult
  • Mind, Concentration; Difficult; studying, reading


  • Mind, Grief, ailments from; prolonged
  • Mind, Grief, ailments from; undermining constitution
  • Mind, Grief, ailments from; weep, cannot
  • Mind, Grief; prolonged
  • Mind, Grief; loved ones, for long lost

Other Emotional Symptoms

  • Mind; Neglected; ailments from, agg
  • Mind; Sadness, depression; disappointment from
  • Mind; Sadness, depression; grief; agg
  • Mind; Shock, emotional upset, being stunned
  • Mind; Emotions, Suppressed
  • Mind; Anger; ailments from, agg; Suppressed

(Note:  I have not included all these symptoms as some are really LARGE symptoms and not particularly helpful.)

Homeopathic Repertorization of Prince Harry's PTSD with three common remedies circled

After most of these symptoms were entered into the repertory, this is what came up.  The first three remedies are common grief remedies.  He was probably given Nat Mur and Ignatia, at the very least.  (If his father had died rather than his mother, Phosphoric Acid might have been a good choice, because there is a good deal of disappointment in the relationship that occurs in that remedy state.) But those two remedies aren’t going to help him.

One might think Nat Mur would be a good choice, given his suppressed emotional state, not only after the accident that killed his mother, but even before that.  If you have watched any of the Netflix series The Crown, it is clear that suppression of emotions is part of being a Royal in Britain.  But he is a bit too mischievous to need this remedy.

Ignatia is a good thought, especially with the shock of the sudden death.  But he doesn’t continue to be shocked about it.  It would have been good early on, but not at this point.

Homeopathic Repertorization of Prince Harry's PTSD with selected remedy highlighted.

The remedy I selected for Prince Harry.



The remedy I would give Prince Harry is Buddleia Davidii (Bud-d).  It is a Butterfly Bush.

Just a note about the symptoms above.  It is important to have more than one repertory to look at when choosing remedies.  In a different repertory, Mind, Studying, Difficult does contain Bud-d. Also, the same repertory includes the suppression of emotions with this remedy.  It is actually a pretty strong symptom when you read through old cases. This same repertory also includes it in the symptom Mind, Sadness, from disappointment. Harry is disappointed over and over again when he expects support and doesn’t get it.

Why did I choose this remedy for Harry’s PTSD?

It is easy to just pick a common grief remedy, but I knew he needed something different. His life is too unusual to need a common remedy. In doing research on this remedy, it turns out it is a huge trauma remedy.  It is very much like Bach Rescue Remedy in that respect.

But specifically, it is for trauma and grief related to life events.  People who need it get caught up in the flow of events and they lose their ability to come back to their own rhythm.  The people who need this remedy also experience a good deal of neglect as a child, which he did, especially from his father.  It is kind of the state of being for those brought up as a Royal.

Taking this remedy, for those who need it, brings on equanimity.  Mental stability and composure under tension or strain becomes a state that they can experience rather than getting caught up in other’s events and emotions. They can connect with their heart center. They can become “unstuck”. They can move forward.  Emotions become more stilled so that things aren’t felt directly. This means that they don’t have to suppress emotions because their emotions won’t hit them so strongly.

What’s Next?

If any of you know Prince Harry, please share this post with him.  I’d be happy to get this remedy for him.

If you feel like PTSD that Prince Harry has describes you, please schedule a Complementary Consult by clicking on the Book Now button on our Home Page.  We can discuss whether you can be helped by homeopathy.

To Read More about PTSD in my blog, start here.


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