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PTSD in TV & Movies: What Remedy Do They Need? Part 3

by | Mar 7, 2022 | Aconite, Cygnus cygnus, Homeopathy and PTSD, Ignatia, PTSD, PTSD in TV & Movies

This is another in an ongoing series of suggesting remedies for characters with PTSD in Television and Movies.  PTSD is featured more and more as part of a story line in long and short stories.  This blog discusses what might help this character. This movie gave mention to a center that works with PTSD patients in the final credits.

The Amazon Prime Movie:  Land

By Focus Features – https://www.firstshowing.net/2020/first-trailer-for-wilderness-survival-film-land-made-by-robin-wright/, Fair use

This movie was released in Mid-2021.  It is directed by and stars Robin Wright as a woman who has endured a horrible tragedy and trauma.  She is isolated in life after this trauma, and so chooses to isolate herself even more by buying property in the middle of nowhere, with a small cabin with no running water or electricity.  She doesn’t even allow herself a vehicle.

Many of us instinctively turn to homeopathic behaviors when we have troubles.  For example, watching sad movies when we are feeling depressed.  Robin Wright’s character, Edee, chooses to deal with her isolation by isolating herself.

She could be helped by a homeopathic remedy as well.

Edee’s PTSD Symptoms

Spoiler Alert!  If you haven’t viewed this movie yet, go watch it and then come back and read this blog post.  I am going to put a photo right in here so you can’t accidentally see what you don’t want to see. Don’t even THINK about looking up the summary of this movie on Wikipedia.  

The first, and most obvious symptom I chose was Mind, Company, Aversion to; solitude, desire for.  This is an unquestionable symptom. In homeopathy, we only choose symptoms that we know are true. She moved to an isolated cabin in the wilderness.

The horrible tragedy experienced by Edee is that her husband and son were killed by a random shooter in a concert hall. So the second symptom we can count on to be accurate is Mind, Grief; ailments from, agg; mental and emotional consequences. Again, an unquestionable symptom.

The third symptom I chose is one that borders on questionable.  There isn’t a lot of dialog in the movie, at least not in the beginning, so she didn’t actually say this.  However, based on my experience of treating survivors of tragedies, be they military or civilian tragedies, is that they feel guilty that they survived and the other person did not. Survivor’s guilt. It is very common.  That symptom is Mind, Anxiety; of conscience–In other words, guilt.

Since I can’t ask her character, I am going to use this symptom as I am fairly certain that she would feel this way.

Finally, the last symptom I used is Mind, Forsaken Feeling; isolation, sensation of; during anguish.  You can tell how anguished this person is by watching the movie. As homeopaths, we often pick up on our own feelings when someone tells us a story.  Her anguish was very apparent.

And The PTSD Remedy Is…

Those of you who know something about homeopathy might be thinking, oh, that’s easy.  Why not give her Ignatia?

Why not, indeed?  As you can see from the photo representation of Edee’s symptoms below, Ignatia (Ign) comes up second in the list.  It is truly a go-to remedy for Grief.  And it would help her somewhat.  She would need a very high potency and would probably find herself frequently repeating the remedy over time.

Click to see the photo of symptoms

Edee’s Symptoms in the Repertory

But I suspect that when stress arose during such times as wedding anniversaries, or the anniversary of the event, the grief and PTSD would return. Ignatia is just not a deep enough remedy to completely solve the depth of grief experienced by this character.

I’d like to draw your attention to the first remedy in the Repertorization of Edee’s symptoms.  It is a remedy with intense, deep grief.  It is abbreviated as Cygn-c.  Its name is Cygnus cygnus.  In English it is called the Whooper Swan.  It is a fairly new remedy, with its healing properties discovered in a 2001 proving by well-regarded homeopath Jeremy Sherr.

Click to see the photo of the remedy I would choose.

The remedy I would choose for Edee

Cygnus cygnus also includes symptoms I didn’t use such as Mind, Grief, about past events; Mind, Fear, of being attacked (probably a new symptom for Edee); Mind, Quiet; wants to be; Mind, Quietude, Ameliorates.

It is also one of two remedies that show up for the symptom of isolation and anguish. I would give Edee Cygnus cygnus in a high potency.

What’s Next for Edee?

Edee could have sought homeopathic help right away.  But, like most, she did not.  (I guess there wouldn’t have been a movie if she had.)  After she heals from the Cygn-c, I suspect the Aconite state would appear.  Aconite is a remedy for certainty that you are going to die NOW!  I have written about it many times, including here, and here.

Read this blog post for more information about why this would show up.

What’s Next?

If you are suffering from PTSD, homeopathy can help.  You can Recover from PTSD! Click here to schedule a Complementary Consult (Click the Book Now button) and see if homeopathy can work for you!


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